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    I am using oxygen theme and have the featured slider on the home page to show images. The problem is that there is a date on each image on the featured slider that I want to remove, anyone know how?

    I would also love to be able to get rid of the ‘recent posts’ headings at the bottom of the homepage…

    The blog I need help with is



    You will need to purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and then do the required CSS editing.



    is it difficult to do css editing if I’m a beginner? Are you able to post the steps I’d need to follow to do what I want??



    Hi Orbitwords,

    I saw your post and took a look at your site, which is looking great. I am also working to make a website (not a blog) using the oxygen theme. See what we’re working on so far at

    We are interested in having an image slider on the landing page also, but we don’t want to have the other stuff on the Showcase page that makes it look like a blog. We also don’t want the images on the slider to be tied to blog posts. It seems like you figured out a way to use the slider and draw off images that aren’t directly tied to a blog. I’m hoping you can point us in the right direction to get this done, too! Did you have to pay for the custom version to do it? Did you have to do CSS editing?

    Thanks so much! You can also email me directly at (email redacted), if that’s easier for you.

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