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Remove dates from sticky post

  1. I've added a sticky post to I've searched the forums, and tried a few different additions to my CSS, namely these guys:

    .sticky .date {

    .sticky .entry-meta {

    .sticky .entry-utility {

    .sticky .postinfo {

    I've managed to get rid of the posted by, filed under, etc. info that shows up. But the date is still there (also, I wouldn't mind getting rid of the "leave a comment" line).

    Any ideas on this? I don't have the .org install, just a custom domain and css.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see no date on this sticky post on your site: Welcome to Caroline Moore Photography!

  3. Looks like you found a way to do it by hiding the whole .entrytitle element for the sticky post and then you added a title into the content area.

    For future reference, if you wanted to target just the date in the Ambiru theme and hide it, you could use a slightly more specific CSS like this:

    .sticky .entrytitle h3 {
  4. Ah, thank you!

    I couldn't find where it separated out, even though... they're styled differently, so it would seem like they'd have to be.

  5. CSS can get pretty tricky like that. Specificity and inheritance are good rules to learn.

    Also, you should try Firebug on Firefox or the inspector tools in other browsers if you haven't already!

  6. It is, and it's always harder for me to basically edit other people's code. Hooking up Firebug now :)

  7. Cool! I hope you like Firebug. :)

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