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Remove dates on Posts

  1. Hello, I could use some help:
    1.How can I remove the dates on my posts?(like I saw on
    2.Cant insert any slideshows anymore,has the option disapeared?
    3.Can I add Categories to my Pages, I would like to be able to click it open there and not in my Widget
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

    1. The date isn't showing because they created a Contact Page, which is different from a post. You can do this to by going to Page > Add New in your Dashboard (you can see one of that their posts have the date still:
    2. This is how you do slideshows now:
    3. The best you can do is to copy the links to the categories and paste them into a page using the link button in the editor.

    I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Jonathan,thanx for the help!
    the slideshow problem wasnt a real one,the function just somehow wasnt working that day but it is today

    i added new pages but they show up in the header or whaterver u call the thing on top
    i also tried making a page "home",but then i only can put one page on and i dont get the mosaic and people cannot click on them like they can do in posts

    where do i find the links of the categories

    really sorry, i m just really ignorant about all this stuff
    if i do manage to get it right,it always feels like a miracle,hallelujah!

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