REMOVE – Dogs are Better than Cats Freshly Pressed Aug 20

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    I am outraged that you picked a blog making light of torturing a cat as a Freshly Pressed today August 20. Please remove that offending blog.

    The blog I need help with is



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    The post in question has been removed. We originally found it to be tongue-in-cheek, but upon further reflection and a re-read, agree that it was inappropriate as a Freshly Pressed feature.

    We really appreciate that you took the time to comment – we take our users’ feedback really seriously. Going forward, feel free to send any feedback on Freshly Pressed selections directly to [editor @ wordpress dot com] Email un-redacted by sl1k because the email was posted by a staff member



    Going forward, feel free to send any feedback on Freshly Pressed selections directly to editor at wordpress dot com

    as posted here


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    and other staff:

    This post should never have been featured. Does no one read what “you all” decide to post as “Freshly Pressed?”

    We originally found it to be tongue-in-cheek,…

    So called “Tongue in cheek” humor is more clever than some 9 year old playing at being a monster to torture a cat. There was no joke, nor any cleverness in that post.

    If you need an editor with more sensitivity for the “Freshly Pressed” feature, and some experience with literature, feel free to contact me: I would be available.


    According to the post’s author, the account was fictionalized. Still, we realize that to promote a post that even hints at animal mistreatment was an error. The post has been removed, and we’ve been in further contact with the author to explain our position; it’s not a mistake that will be repeated.


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    Thank you for the clarification.

    I appreciate your response. As a volunteer I’m not here at all times, so I really am happy to have your kind,sensible,good,logical et al response.


    many kudos to you all!



    Thank you for your quick action. Noted that the author tweeted that the cat people forced his post to be removed. For me it’s not Cats or Dogs – it’s Cats & Dogs & Rabbits & Guinea Pigs & People and Birds – well you get the picture – Thank you again.

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