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Remove entry from My Blogs list

  1. Hi all, can some admin/mod please remove from "My Blogs" list (of this account) the entry ""? This was only my local webserver test.. If the element can't be removed can you please change the address of that blog to "" (the real address)? Thanks in advance, Luca

  2. i also posted this request on the italian support forum but they replied that only staff can delete this type of profile information.


  3. This thread has been flagged for Staff intervention.

  4. thanks a lot, i'll be waiting for the staff to remove the blog entry!

  5. I have removed the blog as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  6. thanks a lot!

    I tried to re-install stats plugin on my self-hosted WP installation but it didn't asked me for an API key.. i think it got it from Akismet plugin.

    Now the entry is back again in "My Blog" list :-(

    My next question is: how can i change (if it's possible) the association between the API key of my account (the one of this account) and the link "" so that it can "display" the correct address ""?

    Stats are correct, for the right blog.. the wrong setting is the URL.

    I'm sorry, maybe i've to ask support somewere else but if there's something else i can do i would appreciate help from you :-)

    Thanks anyhow,


  7. I have removed the blog again.

    The Stats plugin is no longer under active development.

    Please try Jetpack instead:

    It adds a few new features and will fix your current problem.

  8. Hi macmanx,

    i removed the old " stats" plugin and i installed Jetpack (i also linked my self-hosted blog with this account of but the entry "" is still present in "My Blogs" list. Can you check this for the last time?

    PS: i thought that the "old" stats from " stats" plugin (starting from 2009) would have been "imported" into Jetpack but i can now view only the stats of these few days. Is there an option on Jetpack to also show the old stats?


  9. ok, just discovered one thing: looking at "my stats" tab on Dashboard i can now see 3 entry:

    the first one is related to this account (lucazaccaro);
    the second one is the "famous" entry "" which was linked to the old " stats" plugin previously installed at - Blog ID 7805766 (here i have stats from 2009 to last week);
    the third one is the "new" jetpack entry, "Omnia", always referring to, in which i have stats starting from this week (when i installed Jetpack).

    Instead of removing the entry "" is there a way for you to "transfer" the old stats of that entry into the new stats for "Omnia" (the one managed by Jetpack). If it's not possible it would be great to only "rename" the entry "" to "", just to maintain the old stats.

    Sorry for the long post.. waiting for answer/suggestions :-)

  10. The blogs cannot be renamed or transferred. In this case, the only option is to remove it. Would you like me to do that?

  11. Ok, thanks for the clarification! If there's no way to show the stats of the old " Stats" plugin into Jetpack i think that is better for now to maintain it. When " Stats" will be completely discontinued and related stats removed i will ask you to remove the entry as well. Thanks again for your support!

  12. The Stats plugin has been fully discontinued, so I recommend that you switch to Jetpack if you're still using it.

  13. Oh yes, as i said in the previous post i already deactivated the " stats" plugin and removed the files via FTP but i'm still able to view that old stats on my dashboard (from 2009 to the day i disinstalled that plugin)

  14. Ok, those will likely remain forever. We have no plans to remove the data.

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