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Remove .entry-meta partially

  1. Hello!

    After a long time of searching and a lot of "try-and-error"-attempts (more error, though), I decided to ask for help. :)
    So heres my problem:

    I want to remove the "posted in: (categories)" under the articles.

    So far so good - I managed to do this by adding the following to my CSS:

    .entry-meta {<br /> display: none;<br /> }

    The problem is, that it removes the "Leave a Comment" thing too, and I'd like to keep that one...

    I hope someone here will be able to help me with that ;)

    Oh, by the way: I'm using the "Twenty-Eleven" Theme!



    The blog I need help with is

  2. One way to do it would be this:

    .entry-meta .entry-date, .entry-meta .by-author, .entry-meta .cat-links, .entry-meta .tag-links, .entry-meta .sep {
        display: none;
  3. Worked like a charm :)

    Thank you, justpi!!

  4. You're welcome!

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