Remove gap between Header and Nav Bar in Twenty Seventeen

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    I’m having a problem similar to (3) in this post:

    On my posts and pages, there’s a gap between the header image and the navigation bar. I fixed this problem on my front page with this code:

    .navigation-top {
    border-top: none;

    but the problem persists on posts and other pages.

    I’m a novice at CSS, so any help/explanation would be really appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Something like this should help:

    .wp-custom-header img { padding-bottom: 0px; }

    It looks like the actual image in the header has a 1px border on the bottom

    Let me know if that helps



    Hi there,
    You might want to change a line of code in your twenty sixteen theme style file at line number 3362 to have following:

    {line-height: 1.6;}

    instead of what you have right now there ie; {line-height: 1.5;}

    Hope this helps.

    Sunil Chauhan



    I just revisited the problem again and found another solution which might work better:

    Please change the line of code at line no 3289 in your style sheet to have following:

    .site-branding { padding: 0; }

    Hope this helps

    Sunil Chauhan



    @critfall Your website uses the self-hosted version of WordPress rather than, which is what this forum is designed to help with. Note the difference here:

    In future, it’s best to find help here:

    That being said, I just wanted to clarify @mrsnlchauhan‘s suggestion to directly edit your theme’s CSS. I would recommend against this, because that CSS would then be removed every time you update the theme. Instead, it’s better to use the Customizer to insert CSS:

    Thanks! :)



    @phillipburger: That didn’t seem to work. I double checked the header image, and I’m not seeing the border you mentioned.

    @mrsnlchauhan: Thank you, I will keep these solutions in mind.

    @torres126: Sorry about that! I didn’t realize I was on the forum. I’ll repost on the proper forum. Thank you!



    @torres126 : Yes, you are right about that. Thanks for the suggestion and improving on my proposition. I just forgot to mention in a haste to answer that the stylesheet overrides must be done in child theme or via customizer so that they are intact even when the theme is updated.

    @critfall please take a note of suggestion posted by @torres126

    Thanks everyone.

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