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    I am wondering is there is a way to remove the header and footer from our Turn Debt Around blog space (we’re using the theme Twenty Eleven – Customized)?

    Basically, we want to incorporate our website header and footer into our WordPress blog, so that they look the same. Our tech guy has told me that we might be able to use an iFrame on our Turn Debt Around website (, to redirect the body of the blog page to the WordPress site, leaving the header and footer as our website.

    As long as the header and footer can be removed from the WordPress pages, so that only the blog content and blog content navigation (on the right hand side) appears, this should work, according to my colleague.

    Can anyone tell me if this is possible – and if so, how we would go about doing this?

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    The blog I need help with is


    At, we are not allowed to remove the footer credits.

    iframes are one way to do this, but the downside is that your main site will not gain any SEO benefits from the blog since the blog doesn’t actually exist on your domain, but just a “view” of it (like looking through a window).

    My suggestion, to give you the boost in Search Engine ranking, would be to map the blog here to a subdomain on your main site – something like . That of course would require the domain mapping upgrade at $13 per year.

    The above consideration aside, this hides the site title, site description and search box:

    #site-title, #site-description, #branding #s {
    display: none;


    Thank you very much for the prompt feedback – much appreciated!

    Our account is a paid-for, upgraded account (‘Value Bundle’)…am I right in thinking that we have free domain mapping already, as part of the package, or do we still have to buy the domain mapping upgrade separately?

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    Yes, you do have the domain mapping, and it can be used to map to a subdomain of your main site if that is what you wish. Read through these two support pages for more information on that.

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