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    I highlighted som words in the writing box by mistake. Now it won’t go away. How should I solve that problem? Ideas would be very welcome. :-D

    I did of cause deactivate the highlighting function in Googles toolbar, where the problem came from in the first place…



    I think that’s only happening in your particular browser. If you clear out the cache from there, it should resolve itself.


    Thanks, I give it a try…



    If that doesn’t work and you don’t want to lose the post you’re working on, copy all the text in to Notepad, which will strip out the highlighting. Then click again, inside Notepad and copy all of that text. Then you can paste it into a new Write Post box and it won’t have highlighting or formatting at all.


    Thanks. Will do. The deleting of the browser history did not work. PCs behave odd sometimes…

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