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    Hi there, I need to remove the border around the images on a specific page –

    Please help! Thank you kindly oh WordPress Wizard.

    The blog I need help with is


    To target a specific page, you need to view the page source and figure out which body class is unique for just that page and then use it in your CSS selector.

    I checked and I see that one of the body classes is “page-id-92”.

    So, you could use this CSS example to remove all borders from images in the main content area for just that page:

    .page-id-92 .entry-content img {
    	border: none;

    Another option would be to remove the borders by editing each image individually using the image editor (no CSS editor required). To do it, open the visual editor, click the image, click the “Advanced Settings” tab, find “Image properties” and set the “Border” value to “0”, click the Update button and save changes.



    Design Simply, you are the best, thanks.
    The only issue is that this action seems to have made the pictures on this page have a strange layout on the page. I am trying to get a small box of text next to each logo to explain how they helped us but the formatting never seems to work.
    Thanks in advance.



    a) Removing the borders cannot change the layout. If the layout changed, then you changed the alignment of the images (at the moment the red logo is set to left while the rest are set to none).
    b) There are at least two ways you could what you’re looking for. But since each logo has a different shape, size and look, I don’t think your idea would look good. One alternative: simply set the alignment of all the logos to none, and write each text below instead of next to each logo. Other alternative: display all four logos in one row (again with the texts below the images, of course).
    c) You should first crop the Wrangler logo, as it has too much white space above and below.
    d) If I were you I would try to make things more uniform: I would downsize the images in an image editing application so that they have the same width, if they are to show as a column, or maybe same height, if they are to show as a row.
    e) There’s no point making the logos link to the original file when clicked. If you’re not aware of the available options, see here:


    I am trying to get a small box of text next to each logo to explain how they helped us but the formatting never seems to work.

    If I understand your goal correctly, this may help:

    Try using that reply as a guide, and if you’re still having trouble after that, post back with a specific example including a link to the page you’re working on and the HTML and CSS you tried.

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