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    I was wondering if it was possible to remove the image border for images inserted into posts?

    I am currenly using the ‘benevolence’ theme and at present, inline text in posts is too close to the image. I figured simply adding my own white space borders would be a decent workaround, but wordpress insists on adding a border around my images.

    Incidently, I have purchased the css upgrade….

    any ideas?



    What you can do is in the Text Editor, first click on the picture. Then on the image icon that says Insert/Edit image. There you can change some things like border (fill in 0).

    I hope this works for you.


    I very simple an elegant solution that I should have picked up on! Thanks for your help donpietro!


    Sweet! Thanks for the help donpietro.



    I had the exact same problem being a beginner too and it works. But now I am wondering how to find more help on the values that can be used for border…like if i want a black border, a blue one, none…etc Ideas?



    For changing the color of the border: first you have to change to “code” mode in the edit area. You will see something like:
    <img src="" border="4"/> this is a 4 pixel border Now add a <font color> tag:
    <font color=red><img src="" border="4"/></font> This displays a red border.
    Note: Color and border tags are actually deprecated nowadays; one should use StyleSheets…

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