Remove image borders from widget area only in theme Twenty Twelve

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    Hi, I’ve added images to the main sidebar (widget) area on my blog (Twenty Twelves theme), but have noticed that the images have a very faint border around them. As these are images with white backgrounds, it is very noticeable. I want to remove the borders in the main sidebar widget area only. I DON’T wish to remove the borders from the rest of the images on the site.
    I have seen blog posts which show HTML code which can be added image by image to remove borders, however, I can’t see how to get to the HTML code for these widget images, either. Can anybody help with this? Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is




    You can do this if you have the Custom Design upgrade.

    If you do have it, please ask in the CSS Customization forum and some of us will help you there.


    Hi, WordPress Heroes and Heroines,

    Does this apply to text widgets that include images? If I create a text widget instead of an image or another kind of widget, can I code it to remove the box-shadow effect around an image I include? The Twenty Twelve theme is clean and simple, except for the shadow/border effect around the images. If there’s no way around it, I’ll browse around for another free theme similar to Twenty Twelve (the other Twenties, I suppose).

    Smiles, and thanks!



    <img style=”box-shadow:none;”

    seems to have worked instead of

    <img style=”border:none;”


    And I did it myself! Happy dance!



    Nice! Didn’t know that it works that way too. Thanks for sharing!



    the same problem occur me to but please some one help me to remove that border in a page instead of widget

    need help for

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