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    I am using the Linen theme and have purchased the Customize upgrade. I hate infinite scrolling, and I don’t like the “Load more posts” tab that appears when infinite scrolling is disabled, either. Is there any way to display older posts on numbered pages to click at the bottom of the blog? Of, if that’s not possible, at least a “Older posts” and “Newer posts” button on either side?


    The blog I need help with is


    I can help you with that. It would help me if you also can provide some feedback about exactly why you don’t like infinite scroll—we’ve done some work to improve it since it launched and we have more ideas that will go into effect in the near future. Constructive, detailed feedback about why you hate it would be much appreciated.

    Here’s how to disable it in Linen:

    #infinite-handle {
    	display: none;
    .infinite-scroll.neverending .navigation,
    .infinite-scroll .navigation,
    .infinite-scroll.neverending #copyright {
    	display: block;

    Please note that if the code for infinite scrolling needs to be adjusted in the future, you may need to adjust your CSS again at that time.

    It’s also possible to re-style the “Load more posts” link as just another alternative.


    Thank you very much! That did work fine!

    I really hate the infinite scroll function because I like to get to the end of a page and look at the footer, and I like to keep pages a certain size. I don’t like having to scroll endlessly. I prefer to have a new page instead of a really long one.

    The “Load more posts” is better. But what I like best is pages – when you see the amount of pages there are and can click on any page number to open a page with posts.

    Thanks again for your help!


    Thank you for the feedback. :)


    I want to disable the “Load More Posts” “feature” too. Sure, some people may find it useful. But there have been many times where I stumble upon a new blog and want to check out previous posts. It is incredibly UN-user-friendly when I am not able to scroll through previous posts on separate pages (page 1, page 2, etc.).

    For example, suppose I’ve clicked “Load More Posts” 15 times and then my browser needs to be restarted, or I make the mistake of clicking on a single post to see the comments. I can’t go straight back to Page 15 to resume where I left off. Instead, I now have to click “Load More Posts” 15 times again, which is a pain in the ***.

    That’s the main reason. In addition, when a blog has lots of images that load at different rates than the text, having all posts be added to the same page can be unwieldy.



    This is a CSS Forum thread and all CSS editing is theme specific. You are using a different theme. Also you are required to purchase an annually renewable a custom design upgrade to do the required CSS editing. Have you purchased an annually renewable custom design upgrade so you can do the required CSS editing?
    If you have click this link and start your own thread please >


    So the plan was to add a feature that many people find annoying and to require them to buy an upgrade to get rid of it?


    Of course not. Most people actually like the infinite scroll feature despite a few vocal people who really dislike it. Our stats show that even though you can disable infinite scrolling by switching to the ‘Load more posts’ option, a very small percentage people actually make the switch. If you would like to customize the ‘Load more posts’ feature even further, you have the option of purchasing a Custom Design upgrade. Past that, we make the data easy to take with you and you can always switch to a setup which gives you full and complete control over all the code if that’s what you would prefer.



    I agree with WastingTime completely…. and to follow up on what he mentioned, there are some links we may prefer to, or even forget to set as “open link in a new page.” If those links are clicked, you or your readers lose your/their place in the infinite scroll and are forced to start all over again.

    Other issues are the sidebar. We obviously use the sidebar for pertinent information we want the reader to see and eventually click on. The side bar gets lost after one or two posts.

    On top of that, if you have multiple posts with multiple videos, each time a video is played, Adobe plug ins eat more and more of your memory up without resetting because you’ve gone to a new page. As a result, the further along you scroll the more your system resources are drained, and if there’s too much of a strain on system resources subsequent videos won’t even play properly.

    I personally don’t like it one bit, and at the very least, I think people should be given an easy option to turn it on or off. The whole point to blogging is to be unique, and forcing everyone into the same format takes away people’s ability to customize their blog to achieve any sort of uniqueness.


    I agree with the folk here on the demerits of infinite scrolling or load more posts, though perhaps not as passionately! However, as the blog grows in content I can see it being a burden. It can clog up a bandwidth and mine here isn’t great, so it takes a while for the next set of images to load for me, and then going back to the homepage means I need to start again.

    Site is

    Could I possible page them after every few rows of images? My homepage is definitely image dependant and heavy since I use Imbalance 2 so I feel there needs to be a cut off point, say after 3-4 rows.

    Also, I want to put my recipe page into two columns and I found the code for that before but can’t for the life of me find it again! Could you help?

    Thanks in advance..



    I hate infinite scrolling AND the load more posts tab too. It’s really a choice between lesser evils with these two. Why not make it a three-way choice then? There are still plenty of users who enjoy the old page-by-page reading format.


    It can clog up a bandwidth

    This is not true. Infinite scroll is designed specifically to be faster. If you compared paged views with Infinite Scroll views, the Infinite Scroll version uses less bandwidth because by making fewer calls to the server and it only has to load in post data whereas the paged view has to redraw the entire page.


    If those links are clicked, you or your readers lose your/their place in the infinite scroll and are forced to start all over again.

    This is really good feedback, and we’re actively working on solving this exact thing.


    On top of that, if you have multiple posts with multiple videos, each time a video is played, Adobe plug ins eat more and more of your memory up without resetting because you’ve gone to a new page.

    This is really an argument against Adobe plug ins, but I understand the pain point in context.


    Your feedback is good and I’m working to make sure relevant, constructive feedback like this gets heard.

    I’m going to consider this thread closed for now because most of the issues you have pointed out here are duplicates from past threads, and I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions (like the bandwidth) and let you know that we’re paying attention to constructive feedback.

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