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    Hi, I change my blog and I want a fresh, simple and clean theme, so I choose MANIFEST. But i really hate the underline under the title and I wish to get rid of the menu bar. Can somebody help me! I heard that for this theme you can have endless scrolling. I don’t want to start posting articles till I don’t have the right design.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, the site you referenced has been deleted, but I see you are using Manifest on . To get rid of the grayish bar below the title, add the following CSS.

    #main-nav {
        display: none;

    thanks a lot :) can you tell me how can I remove even the underline from the title of the blog, please.




    Add this:

    #site-title a:hover, #site-title a:active {
    text-decoration: none;


    Thanks a lot JUSTPI :) I have another question: Can i add a Facebook comments box to my blog or not? I saw some answers on the web but I still don’t understand :(

    My blog is this :

    I’m using Facebook a lot, and I have on my Facebook page near 15.000 members + others on my Facebook profile. I know that if i can use Facebook comments box it will bring a lot of traffic on my blog. I would really like to put my blog in the top ten post in Romania, again :) With the first blog I had a lot of traffic on my blog, with this one I would like to go a little bit further.




    You’re welcome.
    Your new question isn’t a CSS issue: search the Support forum please.


    The problem is that I searched, and I don’t really understand if it’s possible or not. I wanted to change my bog from WordPress to Tumblr, but I understand one thing, that WordPress is much more a blogger site than Tumblr. Please help me with the perfect advice(link) so I can add Facebook comments to my blog. I found something about a plugin, but it seems that I don’t have something like that… If you can help me I would really appreciate that.

    Thanks, JUSTPI

    P.S. Actually that would be the last thing that I would love to change for now to my blog.



    Sorry, I don’t have the “perfect advice”, and this is the CSS forum anyway: if you didn’t find a useful past reply in the Support forum, post your own question there.

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