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remove my from the public

  1. Hi my name is Mirko
    I created a while ago a wordpress page for myself at back then i was using an email as such ([email redacted]) which is not active anymore. I am now working on my new website and for clients and credibility i need to remove completly from internet my previous page Do you think you could help me with such an issue? Thank you, Mirko
    Blog url:

  2. In order to help you get access to your blog Staff need one of the following things in order to correctly identify you as the blog owner:

    1. an email sent from the email address associated with the account or revealing what that associated email address was
    2. the API key for your account. This was included in your welcome email with a note to keep it safe. Please do not post the API key here.
    3. if you have purchased any upgrades for the blog a transaction number

    Do you have any of those?

  3. Hi and thank you for your message. That is the problem that he email used to open that blog is not in use anymore. So I do not have any of those emails anymore. There must be an other way, of for example directly speaking with them or? thank you!

  4. There is no other way. Either you recall the now defunct email address and provide it to Staff in this thread or you have reached a dead end.
    Note: Email addresses are redacted by the software when posted into forum threads. Only Staff can see them.

  5. Hi and thank you again. what do you mean with Note: Email addresses are redacted by the software when posted into forum threads. Only Staff can see them? Can I speak with the staff, would then be quite easy to prove That I am myself and therefore the owner of the domain. Best, Mirko

  6. I flagged this thread for Staff attention. They will expect your to provide one of the three items I posted above.

  7. Hi there, when you mention "to recall" the old email you mean me remembering which email was used? of course I can do that. I know which email was used ; ) ... do you think you could put me in touch with the stuff? I trying to have this blog removed by tomorrow lunch time for some specific reasons. Can I send you privately my email in use now on which they could contact me? thank you for helping me! best, Mirko

  8. Yes provided the associated but now defunct email address is sufficient. Volunteers do not provide support by email. I have already flagged this thread for Staff attention. You will have to wait along with everyone else who has a thread flagged for Staff attention.

  9. provided = providing :(

  10. P.S. I hope you understand that deleting the blog will not remove any indexed content from search engine caches. Google and Bing clear their caches of deleted indexed content that produces a 404 (page not found) every 3 - 6 months or so. Some other search engines never clear their caches of indexed content.

  11. You want to delete the blog which requires the email - however - can you log into the blog? If so just set it to Private or delete the content and let it sit.

  12. If you have lost access to your account, please visit and click "Need More Help?" if necessary.

  13. Hi and thank you for your support. Unfortunately I seems unable to solve this problem as I can't get in touch with someone directly at wordpress. Basically I am trying to access an account that was created with an email address which is not existing anymore. When I try to get more support on this suggested link: I get back a very strange message saying that my blog doesn't exist "Sorry but the website you gave does not exist on" which is obviously wrong. Does anyone know if it is possible to get direct support from wordpress? The main problem I am trying to solve is having access to my blog opened with an email address which doesn't exist anymore. Thank you!

  14. Did you enter as the website?

    If so, try just

  15. Thank you very much for the advice " macmanx Happiness Engineer" .. it did worked out ; ) Thank you Mirko

  16. You're welcome!

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