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Remove old credit card and add new one for all blog autopay upgrades at once.

  1. I got a totally new credit card. I want to remove all my old credit card info and have all upgrades paid with new credit card. Do I have to go to each blog individually or is there a blanket way to do this.

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Read this first and then go to > Store > My Upgrades and you will find an "Update Credit Card" link.

  3. Thank you, but I have multiple blogs. From what I can see, each blog has its own store. I was hoping to give the new credit card info once and apply it every place.

  4. That is not possible at this time. The credit card information is tied to the specific transaction, so we don't have to store credit card numbers on our system (they're stored securely with PayPal), which means that you'll actually need to change the payment details for each individual upgrade.

  5. @macmanx
    Thanks for the clarity. Bookmarked.

  6. You're welcome!

  7. @macmanx,

    I am currently adding my replacement credit card info. It says: Update Credit Card. But, there is nothing to update. All of the fields are blank, even my name and address, which are not changing. In addition, I can not go back and make sure that all of the credit card information has been changed for all blogs, since it is all blank.

    Would you please consider the process more user friendly in the future.

    Thank you,


  8. That won't be possible in the future. As mentioned above, we do not store the credit card details here. They are stored with PayPal as the payment gateway and only referenced via transaction ID.

    This is for the safety and security of your credit card, as PayPal has the highly secured military-grade servers locked up in a security-patrolled, CCTV-monitored, and rather fortress-like data center, and we don't.

    As such, we can only provide a way for you to enter/change your credit card details, but we have no way to display those to you.

  9. @macmanx,

    Thank you for the info about PayPal and safety issues in paying for upgrades. Please consider making paying with PayPal an option. It would be very handy if we could just give our PayPal info one time to pay for all of our upgrades.

    My website is very important to me and I am trying to set it up so it will always be there and just the way I like it. (I'd also like to pay for my domain name here, but I know that is not possible either)

    WordPress is still a great service, no matter what.


  10. Actually, we have always supported payment via PayPal. The next time you purchase or renew an upgrade, make sure that you select PayPal instead of the credit card options.

  11. @macmanx,

    I will gladly pay with paypal to make this simpler. But, there is only an option to update the credit card. There is no option to choose paypal instead of a credit card, the only choices being: visa mc amex discover. I want to TOTALLY remove my existing payment info and replace it with brand spanking new payment info.

    Selecting disable auto renew does not give me the option to sign up again from scratch, only restart auto renew with the same credit card info.

    Sorry to be a pest, but all I am trying to do is give you money, so please understand....


  12. Yes, we don't really have an option for that right now.

    The only way to do that would be to disable auto-renew, then renew manually once the time comes and set the new form of payment as the auto-renew source.

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