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    How do we remove an old email address? One of my friends used to help me out with one of my websites some five years ago. ( Time forward to today, my friend Dave started to receive the random stuff like Jetpacks plugins notification when website is down.

    Well, I remember I added his email address ((email redacted)) on one of my two WP accounts. (Deaf or grantlairdjr) I’ve looked everything but cannot find his email address. I knew it had to be somewhere inside WP configuration.

    This website is long gone and unable to access to it. I feel bad he had to deal with all emails he’s getting. Can you help?

    Grant Laird, Jr
    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,
    You can update email addresses in Account Settings, or in your Personal Settings under Users>Personal Settings in your dashboard.

    Please post the URLs of the blogs for further assistance.

    Thanks! =)



    Yeah, I checked everywhere and I still can’t find Dave’s email address.

    In this link, it mentioned about sharing in the past — this is what happened and apparently they removed it yet his email address still sit somewhere hidden.

    Please help.



    Okay, thanks for the information. I’ll tag this for staff attention (I’m a volunteer in this forum). Please subscribe to this thread so you will know when they assist you.

    Staff is backlogged and works through threads in chronological order. Please don’t reply again as it will push this further into the backlog. The best thing to do is be patient, and know that they will take care of you as soon as they are able.

    Have a good day! =)



    It looks like your friend’s email address is associated with a account that has two Jetpack sites connected to it.

    He should be able to use that email address in our password reset form, to reset his password and log into his account.

    From there, he can post in this thread requesting that (and if he wishes, the other Jetpack site,, be disconnected from his account.

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