Remove or change “Posted by at top of blog” and others

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    Posted by vanessacygnebleu in Uncategorized.
    add a comment , edit post
    This is what appears at the top of my blog. If I can get rid of the whole thing or just change it to “Posted by Vanessa”, let me know how to do that please. Also how can i get rid of that “uncategorized” I don’t even know what that means. The add coment, can that be put at the bottom at the end of the blog and how do I get rid of the “edit post”. I don’t even know how that got there or what it means.
    This is my first post (though I did have it posted on August 5th by mistake) I hope when it post tomorrow that August 5th date will go away. I’m sorry to be rambling. I’ve worked on this so much until I’m punchy.

    My site isn’t seeable. It’s in private mode. Going live tomorrow.

    The blog I need help with is


    Since you have the blog set to private, we have no way of knowing what theme you are using. In some themes you can get rid of the stuff if you have some CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade.

    There is no way to change what it says though as that is set in the underlying theme PHP script files.


    I do have the CSS upgrade, though I am still learning and haven’t attempted to change anything yet. I won’t worry about it. I’m being too picky anyway. Thanks for the response.

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