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    I am working on what will be, in essence, an online “book”, a WordPress site presenting essays in an author-assigned order regardless of the order of composition.

    I need to remove the page/post bottom navigation entirely, so I can replace it with manually created links to the pages or posts which are “next” and “previous” in my desired arbitrary reading order, not related to the order composed.

    Summary: all I need to do in CSS is remove the bottom “next” and “previous” navigation altogether.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Jeff,

    I can see navigation links Next and Previous at two places in the post. Eg. In this post
    I can see the navigation links(Previous and Next) at the end of the post content and then again after the Post Comment Form.

    You can add this CSS to remove the navigation links after the Post Comment Form

    .post-navigation .nav-links {
        display: none;

    The navigation links after the post content seem to be added by the author at the end of the content. So I think you’ll be able to remove them by deleting them from the post content itself.

    Your site is not hosted on
    You are using the open source version of WordPress,, to host your website. There are differences between and what we use here at

    For further support, you can post your questions on the support forum for self-hosted sites on

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