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    I want to create my own page titles for my additional pages but can’t seem to figure out how to remove the automatic ones that are generated.
    For example the word “Recipes” on this page:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you referring to the page titles on the actual page or are you talking about the page titles appearing in your menu?

    If you mean the title on the actual page: When you go to Dashboard > Pages > All Pages and find for example your recipe page and click on edit, what does it show on that edit page for the title? You can change the title there.

    If you want to remove (or hide) the appearance of whatever you use for your page titles on the actual pages, you can check out my directions for using css to hide the display of those page titles in your post here: Did that approach create other problems on your site?

    If you mean in your menu, reply and we can focus on that.



    Thanks for your reply and yes I would like the titles/subheadings on the actual page removed not in the navigation bar.
    The code you gave did work but removed half of my first widget in my sidebar and some of my page content on a few pages. Is there a particular place I am to paste it?
    Thanks again for all your help :)



    Sorry tried it again and it worked! Thanks heaps.



    Would you happen to know how to remove the borders around the images?
    Sorry for all the questions/posts!


    Happy to do it. And as I said, I hadn’t looked into possible ramifications, so stay alert for oddities. Yes, you paste that code in your CSS Stylesheet Editor box. It is a good idea when you add items to preface each one with a comment that the code can’t read to remind you what coding does what. /* don't display page titles */
    As you can see any comment you put needs to begin with a slash asterisk and end with an asterisk slash.

    I’m on my iPad at the moment so its not as easy to look into the CSS for the borders. If I have a chance I will poke around, but maybe one of the support folks will be a little more heads up on that one than me. You are talking about the pink border around each of your images?



    Thanks for the tip I have added in the text.

    Yes its the pink borders I would like to remove or even change them to white so they become invisible against by background.



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