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    Hi, I had someone set up my blog for me and that is done. However, the person’s email is all over my blog. I have tried to change it several times but no luck. Can someone please help me get this person’s email off my blog?

    She set herself up as the administrator and the post is associated with her email. I need to change this. I did set myself up as an administrator but my email has no posts associated with it – still just hers does. I can see all of this on the ‘USERS’ page.

    Also, when I click on the link associated with the ‘Howdy, blogname’ in the upper right corner, I go to the ‘PROFILE’ page. Under the ‘CONTACT INFO’ section her email is what is listed there. I have tried to change this but every time I do am told to log on to the email account that it is being changed to confirm. When I do that and click on the link in the confirmation email I’m taken back to the ‘CONTACT INFO’ screen and it looks like all I can do I overtype her email. When I do that I receive the same message again, telling me to go back to my email to confirm the change. It’s like an endless cycle going nowhere. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

    I think that these two pages on the blog are the only two places that her email is showing up. Is there another page on the blog that I also need to do something in order to get this person removed from my blog?

    Thanks so much. It is greatly appreciated!!



    First of all, please provide a link to your wordpress.COM blog. We have to find out if you are in the right forum. And consider linking it in your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forum.

    If you are hosted here at wordpress.COM, please click on the support link and review the section about users. You will note that trying to remove her as administrator requires staff intervention (ie, volunteers in the forum cannot help you).

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