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    Hi, i’m having trouble with a post i write a long time ago in a WordPress blog

    This is my post:

    I would like to know if this post can be removed, because i’m being put in uncomfortable situations

    And also, i wanna remove my excluded YouTube Channel from my profile. I don’t find out where i do that

    Thanks :)



    It looks like it’s a page that you want to delete and not a blog post.
    If you want to delete the entire SP page:
    1) Go to your Dashboard > Pages > All pages
    2) Find the ‘SP’ page. It’s probably not on page one of all of your pages listed.
    3) Hover your mouse over the ‘SP’ title and you should see some options pop up right below the name. Click on ‘Trash’.

    Important!!! This will delete the entire SP page. Make sure that’s what you want to do. It won’t just delete the comments, but the entire page. But according to your request, it sounds like it’s what you want to do.


    thanks man but i think i dont explained correctly

    i’m not the owner of the SP page

    i just did 1 comment, the #98 in this page >

    can it be removed?



    Ah. I don’t think it’s possible.
    Here’s a long conversation about this topic from 2006.

    Once you comment on someone else’s blog, you aren’t the owner of what was written any more apparently.



    You still own the words – but the other blogger does not need to remove it if they don’t want to – ask the blog owner nicely and see if they will remove the comment – many but not all will


    ok, but how i can contact him?



    How can I delete or I edit comments I left on someone else’s blog?
    See here and know that:

    (1) if comments are not open and there is no contact information on the blog Staff cannot breach the privacy policy and provide it to you.
    (2) we cannot help with removing your YouTube Channel from my profile other than to say go to > Dashboard > User > My Profile and remove what’s there.

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