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remove post author

  1. We are working on the free wordpress service -- -- and I am struggling to figure out how to remove the post author that is automatically generated by the theme.

    I have tried various custom css codings inspired by the following pages:

    All to no effect. The reason that we need to remove the post author is because we are an online refereed journal, and the person who posts the essay isn't, in fact, the author.

    Any help?

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. I must be having a dim moment, but I'm not seeing the author name displayed on your blog. Which name is it on the first post?

  3. Nope, not a dim moment - unless I'm having one too - I looked and didn't see one either.

  4. The home page is a page -- so there's no //post// author listed. So click on any one of the article titles or.. Just click here:

    And you'll see a "By marklilleleht" (that's me) who posted the posting and then the /true/ author and affiliation.

    Sorry about that!


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