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    I would like to remove the dates from my blog posts and I went to CSS websites and WordPress forums. I’ve learned I need an external style to apply the html to all posts, and where I can get the complete Vigilance style sheet from this forum, but I don’t know the html (wording) to put into the style sheet. I don’t even know where to find the html. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks so much. I am completely lost.
    Pam B

    The blog I need help with is


    You don’t need the entire stylesheet, you just need to identify the ID or class that controls the date and then add a display:none; to that class or ID.

    In this case, I think this should do it:

    .date {

    I’m working on a CSS project on my test blog, or I would set up vigilance and verify it, but I’m virtually certain the above will take care of it for you.


    Also, at wordpress.COM, you never want to paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window unless you are going to be changing virtually everything because you will have unintended consequences.

    What you want to do is put only the specific selectors and the specific declarations you are changing or editing into the CSS edit window and then make sure “add to exisiting…” is selected. That will also make it much easier to see what you have changed and also make editing much easier.


    If you are planning on more changes to vigilance, you will have to go to http://wordpress.ORG/extend/themes/ search for vigilance, download it and then in the CSS folder, you will find “master.css.” That is the file you will need, but DO NOT paste that entire file into the CSS edit window our you will mess things up. At wordpress.COM, all you want to put into the CSS edit window is the specific selectors and declarations that you are going to edit or change.


    Thank you so much, Sacred Path, for your specificity. I would not be able to make this change without your help. I’ll go to the style sheet and look for date reference and type in the html you’ve given me (after my one year anniversary, which is 6.13).

    There was one more change I was thinking of. Vigilance has a border color around the posts and columns, which appear on a white background. I’d like to see the effect of changing the white to a colored background. Thanks for that link, too! You are so kind to do this for people who are ‘lost’ in the CSS world.


    It worked, Sacred Path! Thank you for your message. My mental capacity is foggy and I could not have known what to do without your help.



    Just saying that the URLs of our blog posts on contain the date of publication. Example > “Where is Home?” A Special Guest Post from Ophelius


    Thanks, Time Thief. I had wondered about that.
    I may be wrong, but I probably won’t be posting at my blog every day anymore and I didn’t want the posts to look old (many are not date-specific) so I thought removing the dates would help with that.:)


    Hello again Sacred Path or other helpful people:),
    I did find the master stylesheet for Vigilance (thank you for those directions), but it is an extremely wide document and I have a small computer screen. Is there a way to make it into a vertical file, not wider than 11 inches?
    Thanks again for helping me.


    Hi Sacred Path-
    Oops! First unintended consequence…
    I used Archive box to go to October posts–but without the dates, nothing loads. If there is no easy way to fix this, would you please give me the html to put the dates back on the posts. (I do want people to be able to use the Archives.) Sorry to bother you with this. Thanks so much.


    All we did was to turn off the display of the date so it didn’t show on the blog pages. The dates are still kept internally by the wordpress software, so the categories and archives pages will work. They aren’t dependent on the date being on the post display itself.

    I clicked on several months/years in your archive pulldown and got a list of posts. Your blog did seem a little slow, so perhaps that was why.

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your computer and try again.

    And you are welcome for the help.


    Hello again Sacred Path,

    I cleared my cache as you suggested and, from my computer, I still can’t select any month’s worth of posts. (I noticed this because I am simplifying my categories for each post at this time.) My computer (or is it me?) has electronic glitches, so I just removed the html you had given me re: the dates showing.

    I did find the master stylesheet for Vigilance (thank you for those directions), but it is an extremely wide document and I have a small computer screen. Is there a way to make it into a vertical file, not wider than 11 inches?
    Thanks again for helping me.


    I would say the issue with the archives is on your end then since I can click on all the monthly archives and get a listing of the posts for that month. Have you tried a different browser? Have you tried looking at it from a different computer?

    Without having a program like Style Master, or another dedicated to CSS that has a “format” feature, it is a matter of going through the whole thing and formatting it by hand I’m afraid. I just tried to see if the wordpress CSS editor would format it, but it does not. Even Style Master does not format it perfectly, but it is better than what it was.

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