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Remove posted on date from home page

  1. healthhuboxford

    I'd like to remove the posted on date from my home page. I'm using a custom Ever After theme, here's the link to my blog page...
    If you can help, that would be great!
    warm thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there,

    It looks like you've successfully hidden this information via your blog's Custom CSS upgrade. Can I be of any other service?


  3. healthhuboxford

    Hey P,
    thanks for your offer.
    I could do with some help on the Custom design color page. Once I click through to customise there is a menu bar on the left with arrows but nothing happens when I click on the options in the menu bar.
    I'd really like to change the body text colour, if you can help, that would be fab!
    warm thanks,

  4. That's a bug! From what I've tested and found from users so far, it's only happening for Internet Explorer browser right now. That browser is a bit temperamental. :) We're working on a fix. In the mean time, you should be able to get around the problem by using an up-to-date browser such as Chrome or Firefox. See to find out what the latest versions of each browser are. Latest versions will typically get the best results.

  5. healthhuboxford

    I am using internet explorer, so will try a different browser.
    Thankx for the info : )

  6. May I ask how you got rid of the dates @rebeccaminton?

  7. Just following up to note that the bug reported in this thread was fixed a few weeks ago.

    @marcibothwell, pages don't show dates by default and it looks like is currently using a static front page.

    To hide dates for posts on the Ever After theme, you can add the following CSS to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    .entry-meta {
    	display: none;

    Note that it will also remove the author name on individual posts.

  8. healthhuboxford

    Thanks for following up.
    I've been trying to figure out how I did it!
    Good luck @marcibothwell

  9. @rebeccaminton hehe :)

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