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remove private registration and resend codes to GoDaddy

  1. I waited the grueling 2 months to get my domain transferred to GoDaddy but can not seem to change any settings to make the final moves for the switch over. They said I need to "remove private registration and resend codes" but I am not computer savvy and need help. ASAP! :(
    P.S. Why is there no way to contact wordpress tech. support or customer service :( (again)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Preparing your domain for transfer

    To start the transfer, you’ll first have to cancel private registration of the domain, and then unlock it so it will be available for transfer. We’ll then send you a special transfer code (also sometimes called EPP code), and you’ll pass that code on to your new registrar. Your new registrar will contact us directly and give us the same code you gave them – this proves that you asked for the transfer, and we’ll transfer the registration to them.

    See the rest of the information on this Support page:

  3. I unlocked it and canceled the private registration (that was hard) ... but have not gotten a code yet.

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