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Remove "protected"

  1. Hi

    Can you tell me how to get rid of the word "protected" in this post heading


    also is there any way I can stop this annoying panel appearing every time I publish after an edit

    "You published your 1st post on this blog"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go here and Disable instant feedback just above Goals and save

  3. You have to remove the password protection from the post by editing it.

  4. umm yeah but... I want it password protected. I just don't want that word in the heading.

    thanks for the other

  5. You cannot remove that word on a password protected post.

  6. well... that's crazy

    it's completely unnecessary and serves no purpose

  7. The way it is - is the way it is.

  8. If you prefer you can make the visibility private but that word will likewise appear

  9. "The way it is - is the way it is. " ha ha great. Let's leave every dumb thing in place just because that's the way it is.

    "Private – Posts are only visible to blog Editors and Administrators."

    You have suggested I change it to private. How would that work for me? I want people with the password to be able to view the post. Seems you have to choose between password protected and private, and if I choose private I can't have this: "I want people with the password to be able to view the post."

    Please confirm, thanks.

  10. I was pointing out the only visibility options we can use:

  11. but why would you suggest "private" when it is completely denying what I want to achieve?

    please confirm outright, that if I have private, I cannot have this "I want people with the password to be able to view the post." as you are confusing me suggesting something against what I'm saying I want. So I just want to make sure I have it right.

  12. Even removing the "Protected" can be a bit of a problem with the CSS upgrade because of the way some themes handle the styling - There are a few things you are somewhat stuck with and "Protected" is one of them - for me - does not bother me a bit

  13. really? well good for you

    I'll just go away and suck it up then


  14. If you get your own hosting and install WordPress.ORG software then you can remove the "Private" and do anything you want with the looks - but that is a lot more work and costs more than here - WordPress.COM is a great Turn Key don't need to learn much or spend anything to get a blog started with hosting that is as solid as any host out there - - but it comes with some tradeoffs - the "Private" one is something that bothers you - there are some other tradeoffs that probably don't bother you but do bother me - so it's a tradeoff -

    good luck with your blog

  15. You're taking this awfully personally for a technical software issue.

    The reason it says Protected is so that readers know not to share the post.

  16. yeah ..."that's the way it is" is irritating. it should be optional to turn it off or remove it.

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