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Remove Rating from a Page

  1. Some time ago, a volunteer told me how to remove the 5-Star Rating system from individual posts. It involved getting the post number and placing it in the correct place. I now wish to remove the 'rating' from a Page (About Page) but cannot find the 'number' anywhere. Any ideas, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. visit edit the you need. Look at the address bar. you will see a part of the address saying "post=<number>" this <number> is your post number.

  3. @dickiebo your about page id is 2

  4. phoxis; Thanks. I tried that but it doesn't remove the ratings!

  5. Follow this:
    Ratings -> Settings -> Posts -> Advanced Settings
    then scroll to the bottom to the field which says : "Exclude Posts"
    in the line edit box enter the post numbers you want to exclude. I have checked your about page post id is 2, so enter 2 and save the changes and see if it works.

    Else to disable ratings in all the pages, but keeping ratings on in the posts do:
    Ratings -> Settings -> Page tab, and uncheck the checkbox.
    Although this will remove ratings from all the posts. However the pages settings are separate

  6. It actually says; [2&action]
    I've tried 2 but, as I say, it doesn't work. I didn't think it would as all the other ID Nos seem to be 5 numbers.

  7. SUCCESS - many thanks. I was on the 'Posts' page instead of 'Page'. Many thanks.

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