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    Is it at all possible to remove the righthand sidebar in this theme? I don’t want the “bloggroll” and “meta” there, but I can’t find a way to remove the entire sidebar.


    The blog I need help with is


    Btw, the blog I need help with, is NOT, but!



    Did you try removing all the widgets from the sidebar?

    If there are no widgets then would the sidebar go away?


    Tried that, and thats when the meta-thing appeared.



    Oxygen seems to have a default that sticks the ‘Meta’ widget in whenever you remove all widgets from either the left or right sidebar. I myself would like to know if removing the right sidebar and expanding the ‘articles’ section on Oxygen is possible through CSS?




    For Custom CSS, don’t you to buy an upgrade?

    How about:

    Remove all the widgets in the sidebar and replace it with an empty text widget?


    I am having the same trouble. The preview for Oxygen showed one column of posts etc with one sidebar to the left, but i just can’t get my website to look like that.
    Other than that it’s a beautiful theme which I don’t want to get rid of, but I was really hoping I could get it to look more like the preview.


    Oh, and as per your suggestions above re removing the widgets – they are not actually there in the Widget menu – it shows up as empty. Spooky. I have text in mine now, but it looks odd as it is so much wider than the other columns.



    When you remove all the widgets from any Theme’s sidebar, what you get is the theme’s default set of widgets. Adding an empty text widget will only clear the widgets, not reclaim the space

    Regardless, Oxygen seems to have two sidebars no matter whether you add an empty text widget to clear one or the other. It may be possible to widen the content area, but would require the annually renewable Custom Design upgrade. (Disclosure: Not a CSS wiz.)

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