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Remove Rounded Corners and Border in Digg 3

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anybody could help me remove the rounded corner corners/borders in the Digg 3 template. I want to remove the borders completely, so that there are no lines at all. My blog is (domain mapped from ). I want the white entry column to look like this blog's: . Thanks!

  2. Define .narrowcolumn and .content to have no background images.

  3. Thanks deltafoxtrot! That worked perfectly, but I also have a rounded border-bottom at the bottom that shows a link to the "Next Page" or previous posts; how do I get change that?


  4. (And here I've been spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to ADD rounded corners :( )

  5. If you could suggest how to remove the rounded corners from the outside of the header box also, that'd be awesome thanks.

  6. @digitalrobots: .narrowcolumn is not changed in your stylesheet. You need to specifically state that no background image is wanted there.

    @Vivian: Browser independent rounded corners are a real pain.

    @rogerbadger: I can't figure that out right now. Try examining the theme's stylesheet, please.

  7. @deltafoxtrot

    Why are they such a pain?
    What are "browser independent rounded corners anyway?"
    Im using digg3 too and I thought rounded corners were cool!

  8. It is a major PIA to implement them in a way that works in all browsers, believe me.

  9. deltafoxtrot: I agree with you. I've been reading and reading for months and have yet to find a reasonable solution so I've pretty much given up on the idea.

  10. Thanks deltafoxtrot!

    To anyone that wants to get rid of the lines to the left and right of the .narrowcolumn, I found you had to add "background:none#fff;" to the .narrowcolumnwrapper.

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