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    Is it possible to remove the search box directly under the title? Or at least move it to a less prominent area? This is built into the website, it is not a widget. THANKS!

    The blog I need help with is


    try this to remove it:
    .only-search {display: none;}

    Let us know if it works.



    Magic Code! That did the trick!! Thank you!

    So I probably should start another post, but since I’m here, I’m hoping I’m not breaking protocol to tag another question onto the first.

    I was able to change the font in the vertical menu in Hum and as it shows itself as a header on each page, but can’t seem to change the color. Any codes of wisdom?


    Two reasons to start a new title: 1) it shows no reply until someone replies in some way. 2) the topic can be searched. But I’m no expert on any of it, I just slide by and play with css when I have a bit of time.

    I had a quick answer ready for you, but here’s what I find so far. The specific selector is entry-title with this code

    .entry-title {color: #00ff00;}

    of course substituting your color code. This will change entry-title wherever it occurs and that may not be exactly what you want.

    So try it out and look around your pages and posts to see if it has unforseen or unwanted consequences. Post here again if it needs more attention.



    Well, rats, that didn’t make any difference. So the vertical menu is still black (although the rollover color is right). And the page name (ie, Home) is black as well. My goal would be that font colors in both areas would be #4977a6 and the rollover color a brick red, which is working in both instances.


    I didn’t realize you wanted your vertical menu changed as well as the page name. I think the menu will be a different selector, but thought I had the right one for the page name. If i have time, I will poke around a bit more.


    ok, so far I can get the page title to change color with:

    #page .entry-title { color: #4977a6;}

    Don’t have your menu solution. For some reason in my test area, it is not showing your menu in the usual way when I go to my view or test css, so I cannot really track what is going on with it. But will poke around a bit more.

    Where did you change your fonts and your hover color? Did you do it in the css or via some other customization?


    Ok, this might not be elegant, but see if this will get you started. I have put in the comments for each item. Maybe a css support person will come by and tell us the elegant way to do it.

    /*change entry title on each page*/
               #page .entry-title { color: #4977a6;}
    /*change entry title on each single post*/
               .post .entry-title {color: #4977a6;}
    /*change entry title for each post on posts page*/
              .post .entry-title a {color: #4977a6;}
    /*hover color for entry-title*/
             .post .entry-title a:hover {color: #B64900;}
    /*menu items except current page*/
            #page #branding #access a{color:#4977a6;}
    /*current active page on menu*/
           #page #branding #access .current_page_item  a {color: #B64900;}
    /*hover for menu */
            #page #branding #access a:hover{color:#B64900;}


    Well, it may not be elegant, but it fixed 99% of my issue.
    Only the child menu text has not changed while in its normal state, although the hover color is correct. Any more snippets of code up your sleeve?

    Additionally, any ideas on making the vertical menu font a bit larger?

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