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remove search box from the new Bueno theme

  1. Hi

    Love the Bueno theme, just wondering if there is anyway to remove or move the search box and black bar at the top of the page?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is the blog related to the question ? The theme used is Vigilance .

    to remove the blog's search bar you can do it from your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and simply drag and remove or expand the search widget on the list on the page's right and click on Delete.

    I couldn't understand what the black bar is. If it is the admin bar you are talking about with the "My Account" "My Dashboard" etc links, then it will only be viewable by currently logged in viewers, and cannot be seen by your blog visitors.

  3. Hi, it's for

    After clearing all widgets; it's still there!

  4. The search box is not part of the sidebars/widgets. The only way I see to hide it is with the CSS upgrade.

  5. OK, Thanks!

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