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Remove Search Widget (Bar) from Top Nav Menu

  1. I'd like to remove the search box from my twenty eleven website. I am not blogging. It clutters up my menu and I don't want it. I cannot figure out how to do it from the Dashboard, so I thought that it may be solved with css. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Disclaimer:
    I'm building the site right now so it's under construction. The content is NOT complete, the photos are not in the right places yet, etc.

  3. Solved. But now there is a big space, where the search box used to be...hmmm.

  4. Go to Dashboard > Widgets and the widget you'd like to add in the place of search > Edit it. Now assign its position to 1 in sidebar.

  5. @lantztc: See here:

    @hnsaifi: It would be good if you spent your time in the forums reading and learning instead of giving irrelevant replies.

  6. I would like very much to encourage more participation in the forums, so I'd like to thank you both very much, hnsaifi and justpi, for your replies!

    The link justpi posted is exactly what you need to hide the search form as well as fix the menu spacing (which you also asked about in another post).

    Keep the questions coming. :)

  7. Thanks to all. Those problems solved. Now onto the others...

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