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remove self hosted blogs from profile

  1. I would like to remove a few blogs from my profile as I no longer manage these blogs. They are

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've just removed the linked sites from your account.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  3. can you also pleaser remove and another instance of I also have 1 other issue. In my wordpress app for iOS I continue to get a news feed from even after I have completely removed that blog from "blogs I follow".

  4. I've removed the linked sites from your account.

    In my wordpress app for iOS I continue to get a news feed from even after I have completely removed that blog from "blogs I follow".

    Do you still see the blog listed at!/read/edit/ ?

  5. originally the blog "" was listed at!/read/edit/ but I removed it prior to posting this topic about the problem. I have checked again today and confirmed that that blog is NOT listed there. I have checked my iOS wordpress app and the feed still shows up there in the "reader" section. I have also force quit the app and rebooted my phone and the blog continues to appear. One more thing, in a previous post in this thread I had requested to have removed from my profile, would you mind checking on that once again as it is still showing up.
    Thanks for all of your help.

  6. Could you please try to reinstall the WordPress iOS App?

    I've also just checked on your profile and the blog isn't linked anymore. Please try clearing out your cache?

  7. on a Mac using the most recent release of Firefox I closed all of my windows and deleted all browser history and cache and still have and showing up. I also deleted the wordpress iOS app from my phone, reinstalled and added 1 blog,, and then connected to Jetpack. That caused and to both show up in the "manage notifications" section of the app. They are stuck in the Jetpack system somewhere:(

  8. I've made a few changes. Could you please check again?

  9. Thanks for all the work you are doing on this but I am still having problems. My account still lists as one of my blogs even after browser cache has been cleared. As far as the iOS app, I deleted the app, added 1 self-hosted blog the "Reader" section has been cleared of comments coming from however under settings-manage notifications and still show up with the notification toggle on/off button. The history on these blogs, videobotique was a site I did for someone and the site is gone and we do not even own the domain now and the americanboxerpuppies site is one I started for someone else and now I do not even have any admin access so somehow I would like to totally destroy/delete any association with these sites.

  10. Hi there, I'm stepping in for kardotim as he's out today.

    My account still lists as one of my blogs even after browser cache has been cleared.

    I've confirmed on our end that is no longer connected to the user bcmcam.

    In addition, I actually see no sites at all listed under Blogs I follow.

    Is there any chance that you're logging into your iOS app with a different username? Thanks for double-checking.

  11. the username I am using to login to is "bcmcam" and there are still instances of and showing up. When I hover over the it actually gives a site address of I typically install sites in this sub-directory prior to a public launch. This is not the case with however. I have quit my browser, deleted all browser history and cleared the cache.
    on the wordpress iOS app when I go into the area to manage notifications these same 2 websites still show up as well. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and problem still persists. I have also confirmed I am logged in with the same "bcmcam" user.

  12. Hi again,

    It seems Jetpack is still enabled on and that's why it keeps connecting to your blog. You can disable the Jetpack plugin if you don't want the site to be connected to your anymore.

    About Could you send us a screenshot of the page where you're seeing this issue? You can upload the screenshot to your blog's media library.

    I will use that screenshot to report this issue to our developers. It's possible that your linked site is somehow stuck in the database.

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