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    I need help removing the sidebar from Watson. Is there any way to add a CSS code?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want to remove the default sidebar text you can just add a blank text widget – the sidebar will still be there, it will just be empty. If you want to remove it completely then you will need to get the Custom Design upgrade and use CSS, you can try before you buy though!

    aside[role=complementary] {display:none;}

    That should work but if not go for:

    #container>div>aside {display:none;}



    Okay so I have it where it is blank, but I would love for the page to be full-width.
    I have Custom Design, is there anything I can post to make it that way?

    Thank you SO much. You are a lifesaver!! :)



    Did you try those code snippets I posted?



    I did try, it made it blank like you said, but the page is still not full-with. :)



    I can’t see any content when I click on your blog link. All the other pages are 900px wide. Can you specify which part of your site you want to change and how wide you want it to be?



    Ahh I think I got it!

    But since I have you on here, one other question. How can I make the About page nonclickable? I want it to be static and only have the dropdown menu. :)



    I helped someone with that same question the other day. Here’s what worked for him: The response assumes you know how to use custom menus–if not, here’s more info:

    On the menu page we are going to replace the “real” About page with a blank About link.

    In the left column where you normally add pages to your menu, you should see an option called “links.” If you don’t, scroll to the top of the screen, click “screen options” and then check the box next to “links” Now it should show up.

    In the links box, there are two fields: “url” and “link text”. Under “link text” type “About” Type anything, even gibberish, into the url box and click “add to menu”

    Next move the “new” About option (it will say custom instead of page on the right side of the menu item to help you differentiate it from the other) up to where the “About” page is and delete the About page. Now the sub-pages should be listed under and a bit to the right of the About link.

    Open the About link by clicking the small grey down-arrow, remove whatever text is in the url box and then save the menu.

    That should take care of things. Let me know if you run into a snag and I’ll be happy to help.

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