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    Is there a way to keep the sidebar on my home page, but remove it from some of the other pages, or change it on those pages? I’m using the eventbrite single event theme.


    The blog I need help with is


    You can use widget visibility to determine where individual widgets will be shown, but that will not exclude the sidebar area from pages.

    If you want to totally exclude the sidebar, that can be done, too. You can exclude by type (single post page, static page, archive, tag, category) or you can exclude by specific page ID. Here is an example of excluding by page ID:

    .page-id-2 .span4 {
        display: none;
    .page-id-2 .span8 {
        width: 100%;
    .page-id-2 .main-container .container:after {
        background: none;

    Page IDs will vary by site and can be found in the opening body tag for each individual page. You can use the web inspector tool in your browser, or you can view the source code for each individual page where you wish to delete the sidebar.

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