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remove sidebar in "stay" and have 2 columns of "rooms" on my pages

  1. hello - i tried to remove the sidebar using the css provided in the forever theme thread but it didn't work for me. can someone offer a way to remove the sidebar on my "stay" pages so my top image spans the length of the page, and my images ("rooms") beneath are in two columns? the page i'm working on is here: thank you! emily

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Emily,

    We can hide the sidebar and make the top featured post/image go full width (with a slight loss in image quality), but I can see no way to make the listings below that featured post/image into two columns.

  3. hmmm... ok. thanks for figuring out the first part. could you let me know how to do the full width? i could re-crop the image to be the correct dimensions and keep the image quality. thank you sacred path :)

  4. The following gets rid of the sidebar and takes the featured image/room at the top full-width. The theme sets the widths for the images, so uploading a wider one results in the PHP scripts reducing it to the right size and then the browser has to resize it to what the CSS tells it, so uploading new wider images isn't going to help in this case.

    #secondary {
    display: none;
    #content {
    padding-left: 0;
    .hentry .attachment-feat-img {
    width: 100%;

    Take a look and see what you think.

  5. hi sacred path - thank you for sharing this code.

    the loss of image quality didn't look great, and one columns of images below didn't work with the wide image. i put two blank text widgets on either side and the one column of images below, and i'm fine with that for now.

    i appreciate your help!
    warmly -

  6. now that i am not using your code and have two text boxes in the sidebars - there is an extra white line on the left sidebar. why is it there, is there a way to remove it?

    also, now that i am not going for the full-length image, is there a way for me to have 2 columns of images below?

    thank you -

  7. That is a border below the widget title that shows up even if you don't put in a title for the widget, but the following will get rid of that. The first code takes if off of that specific widget only while the second code takes it off of all widgets. If you plan on using widgets elsewhere, it might be bet to use the first code so that the line will be there for any other widgets that have titles.

    #text-2 .widget-title {
    border-bottom: none;

    The below removes the bottom border from all widget titles.

    .widget-title {
    border-bottom: none;

    The single column of posts/images is what the theme is designed for and that can't be changed.

  8. a) The border below the widget title shows only if you've put in a title. So you don't need to add any CSS to get rid of that line: just edit the widget, delete the space you've entered in the title field, click Save.

    b) Turning that single column to two columns is possible, but it's too complicated.

  9. hi sacred path & justpi. thanks for your responses.

    it worked to delete the space in the text title and text field, the line is gone. glad to know the answer on two columns, it will be fine to use one.

    my remaining question is how do i have thumbnails on the parent page, for example "marsh" that go to the individual "rooms" (or in my case photos) for example "marsh 2" without having a duplicate image? can i have the featured image that creates the thumbnail become invisible once someone clicks into the page so that they can see only the full size image? you can see what i mean here:

    thank you!

  10. You're welcome.

    To remove the FI from individual pages, add this:

    .hentry .wp-post-image {
        display: none;
  11. awesome - thank you justpi!

  12. except the feature image went away on the parent page too. how do i keep the feature image on the parent page?

  13. and all the thumbnails disappeared.

  14. Sorry! Turn the above to this:

    .single-hotels_room .wp-post-image {
        display: none;
  15. great, thank you!

  16. why when i click on "marsh 1" is the image all the way to the right? i put a text widget in the secondary sidebar to try to get it to center but no luck. thank you - e.

  17. I see that you started a new thread for the centering question. That's just the right thing to do when threads get really long. :)

    Here's a link for reference:

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