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    I am using oxygen theme. Is there any way to remove right or left sidebar only when viewing posts? When on the home page I want all the sidebars to be present


    The blog I need help with is



    hey there, i have got the same query. did you find out how to do it?


    I don’t think there is any way of doing it on any blog because thats your front page the page bloggers see.


    Are you talking about when you are viewing the single post pages (after you click on a title? If so, then this could be done. How much work depends on whether you want to capture that left and right sidebar space and make the content area wider on those single post pages.



    this is my site:

    i want the left and right sidebars to appear only on home page



    i dont want the sidebards to appear when reading a page or a post



    I have a similar question. I bought the CSS custom mode for the Oxygen theme (which I love), and I would like that the secondary menu can display different content in different pages. Is this possible thesacredpath? Thank you!



    ok so I have figured out what to do. I do not know how to remove both sidebars when reading the post, but there is the way to remove either primary sidebar or secondary sidebar. I chose to remove primary sidebar as it’s bigger then secondary, so it gives more spaces for your content to shine. here is what you do. in custom css you copy paste this code:

    .single #content {
    margin-right: 0;

    .single #tertiary {
    display: none;

    Let me know if it helps. Thanks


    Hi yiangos

    For a page it is very easy to remove sidebars… when you edit the page, under ‘Page attributes’ on the right, just select ‘Full width page’ as your template.

    For posts however, it’s more complicated. I think you would have to buy the css upgrade and tinker with the css if you are able to.

    Good luck!



    @ thesacredpath

    i would like to keep the same margins on the posts as now, however, i would like to hide the sidebars


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