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    How can I control the widgets on my blog posts?
    Managing widgets seems to change things only on pages but not on posts, which all have a sidebar with 3 unwanted widgets – Search, Archive and Tools(login/out)

    The blog I need help with is


    You can control widgets in Appearance -> Widgets, if you don’t want any widgets anywhere, you’ll have to add a blank Text widget, since you have at least one widget there.

    You can control where widgets are shown by opening a widget, and clicking on Visibility, there you can write the ‘rules’ on when the widget should be visible, or not shown.



    Thank you
    I can manage all widgets as you described, but only on Pages, not on Posts. The 3 widgets I want to remove from Posts are not present in any of the widget areas, yet they still appear on Posts, so I cannot remove them or manage them in any way



    @shipatsea: With some themes if you haven’t added any widgets to your sidebar(s), the theme will show a default set of widgets, which will not be listed in the Sidebar area.

    When you add widget(s) to a sidebar the default set of widgets will no longer be used. Try adding a blank Text Widget if you don’t want anything to show up in a widget area:

    I hope that clarifies things!



    Yes, thank you!
    That fixed it



    Great! Glad I was able to help. :)

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