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    Would it be possible to make the sidebar removeable via the Widgets menu or some other was in themes with two sidebars? I have found the perfect theme for my blog (Andreas09 1.5 by Ainslie Johnson – on of the few variable width themes), but I would like to remove the left sidebar to free up space. I know it would probably need someone to do quite a bit programming, I would happily (attempt to) adapt the theme by myself and send it back to you (just create a 1-sidebar-version), if this is possible.

    Btw, maybe allowing CSS editing would be possible if the re-uploaded CSS is checked for things that could be abused (disallow external URIs etc.)



    Actually it’s a simple one line removal to get it out of there out of a couple files.

    You can follow the links at the footer of your blog to find the download sites. I don’t know though if Matt and staff though would be interested in something like this.



    Try this and see what happens:

    In the Sidebar editor drag JUST a text widget over and edit it.

    For the title and the text just put in   to put a space in the two boxes.

    Save it and see what happens. I suspect that the allocated area for the sidebar would still be visible but it might just be empty.

    Might not be what you want exactly, but it might work.




    Thanks for the hint, but getting the thingy empty is not exactly what I want. I want more space for the text area (I finally found a variable width theme – why are there so few?).



    why are there so few?

    Because for some reason, WordPress theme designers like their CSS and their set width themes. :)

    Give me a html table anyday.




    I think they also have a new theme that doesn’t have any sidebars. Forgot the name now.



    Ambiru. It throws everything at the bottom of the page though and won’t let you adjust it. (It loved my link list)

    It probably wouldn’t work for Jan because he or she is trying to get as wide as possible and Ambiru is rather thin.



    I would also love the ability to remove my sidebar. I was using blogger and I switched to wordpress because I could easily create additional pages (archives, about). Now I am stuck with an empty sidebar.



    If you have the CSS upgrade, you can just put the following in:

    #sidebar { display:none;}


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