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Remove site from stats

  1. How can i remove a site that i dont want to keep watching stats?

  2. Is this a blog or one hosted elsewhere using the plugin?

  3. I actually have the same question.

    I installed the stats feature/API key for a blog hosted elsewhere (i.e. **not**, but now would like to break the link. Do I just uninstall the plugin, or is there something I must also do on


  4. Should be just turn off the plugin. if you want to be doubly sure, delete the plugin file out of the plugins subdirectory.

  5. I changed my blog address, but before I did, I deactivated my stats plugin, then deleted the whole blog, but the old deleted blog still shows up on the stats.

    Maybe the old blog stats will just fade away and disappear? I hope so.

  6. Please read the posts above your own. :)

  7. I installed the stat thingo to an external blog site as well... have since deleted the blog/site... yet the address/name still lists in Stats under my I'd like it not too, as a webpage site has been installed at the location. any suggestion would be nice... even perhaps a simple, remove from list option, would be nice?

  8. I think we know how to remove plugins, but the problem is that there is still some sort of link on the end.

    When I sign in, I see links to other blogs I no longer manage. One of the new owners just emailed me, because they want to add the WP-Stats plugin, but it's not letting them because still has the blog linked to me.

    That's the problem I think people are having.

  9. any resolution on this...i have the same ?

  10. Nothing that I am aware of yet I am afraid.


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