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Remove space below footer credits.

  1. Hi I'm in the (slow) process of building my website using the twenty eleven theme with the custom design upgrade.
    I cant seem to work out how to remove the space between the wordpress credits in the footer and the little smiley. Would love any suggestions as I am new to CSS! (I tried searching but couldn't find anything)
    Another problem I've been having is that even though I have set the menu bar's colour to white, it shows up as grey as it seems to have some sort of gradient applied to it. Is there any way to override this?
    Thanks so much

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey.

    To remove the space between the WP credits and the little smiley, use the following custom CSS:

    #page {
    margin-bottom: 0em;

    If you'd like to add a little more spacing increment the 0 by .1 - 0.4em, 0.5em, 0.6em - and experiment until it looks how you want it to. :)

    To set the menu-bar's colour to white, I see you've used the following in your custom CSS:

    #access {
    background: #fff;

    This seems to be working for me, as the background to the menu is white and not grey. What browser are you viewing it on?

  3. You can also hide the smiley:

    img#wpstats {
        display: none;
  4. Thank you so much! Yes I actually managed to figure out the codes for the menu bar!
    If I hide the smiley will it affect my stats?

  5. If I hide the smiley will it affect my stats?


  6. @designsimply: (Sorry off topic but..) Did you get my email regarding CSS feature testing? I sent it to the User Experience address you provided a little while back.

  7. @siobhyb, there hasn't been much news to share for new features lately, so there haven't been any recent messages for that group. But I will double check for your email and make sure you're included and that you have an upgrade for testing!

  8. Found the email and replied. Thanks for the feedback and for being part of the testing group @siobhyb!

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