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    How can I reduce the space between the header and content on the Forever Theme? I only just started with CSS, so a little code would be nice.

    The blog I need help with is



    Unfortunately that did not do the trick. Any other ideas?



    I’m sorry but I don’t help with CSS editing. There is Staff support for the custom design upgrade and another Volunteer who helps with CSS may or may not drop by so waiting is what you will have to do.


    ik, will wait, thx!


    @spiderwoman2012, since your site is set to private, we volunteers cannot see it so all I would have to go on would be the demo site for the theme which doesn’t seem to have the issues you are wanting to change.

    Can you make your site temporarily public (1st or 2nd choice at settings > reading) so that we can take a look?

    Alternately you could temporarily add me as a viewer at settings > privacy so that I can see your site. After we get a solution for you, you could then remove me from the list.


    You should be able to see it now, made it public, thx


    The space at the top is because your header image is 252px tall and has a lot of whitespace below that line in that image. I would suggest reworking your header image down to 150px tall and then when you upload it, choose the “keep as is” button and don’t crop or resize it in wordpress. I can force the stuff up and over the header, but that isn’t the best way to do this since some browsers may not render all that correctly and your navigation might end up hidden behind the image.


    Great tip! Will work on it tomorrow, makes total sense


    You are welcome, and if you have problems, you know where we are.

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