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    How do I remove the sub-pages from being listed in the main post area of the pages?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not exactly clear on what you mean by “listed in the main post area of the pages”? We can create pages and subpages and we can hide pages and subpages. If you want to hide some of your pages from appearing in the top navigation area of your theme or in the Pages Widget in the sidebar this is the support documentation entry




    There’s also a post that focuses on getting rid of unwanted features in the Misty Look theme.


    Thanks. I”m sorry – I’m still not finding it. I was able to take the top navigation off, and I know how to hide particular pages. What I am talking about is shown here:

    Within the main content area, how do I get rid of the three bullet points of the sub-pages? Since they’re already shown in the side navigation, I don’t want them in the content area, too.



    The theme is coded to automatically show them. I do not know if that can be removed by use of a CSS upgrade and CSS editing or not.



    Carol – There is a way to do this that should work for your site. Fortunately, your site is pretty straightforward use of the MistyLook theme.

    As TimeThief states, MistyLook is coded to automatically show subpages. You can’t prevent that from happening (well, at least while on but you can hide the subpage list, by editing CSS.

    Add this CSS directive to your custom style sheet:
    —- [ add only next line ]
    #content-main li.page_item { display: none; }
    —- [ do not add this line or anything below ]

    Below are some possibly cryptic notes, but hopefully you or someone else will find them useful.
    1) the #content-main part is important, because MistyLook uses a unordered list with list-item class = page_item for the main horizontal navigation. But the horizontal navigation isn’t in the #content-main div, so this won’t wreck your horizontal navigation.
    2) the li.page_item part specifies that list-items with class=page_item will not be displayed — { display: none; }, but as noted in 1, only in the #content-main div.

    I recommend you preview before saving, of course, but this should work!

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