Remove tags from Newsy theme between post title and content

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    I don’t like all the tags and categories sitting and taking up space between the post title and content. Please help. I’ve been trying to figure this out for two hours. I just converted to the Newsy theme and I like it lots–but not all that used up space. I also want a feature that converts all my post to excerpts in this kind of theme. I had another theme where this one not an issue—but now I need more posts to show up in this fashion—-because I’m featuring a lot of shops at once. I want home page hits to see as many as possible.

    I do know that going back and editing each posts with a line divider thing is a solution—I was just hoping for some magical do them all at once–such as in our feed option.


    yes I did ask this question on the Newsy board—so if ya’ll don’t know–I suppose they will get around to it tomorrow.

    oh yea–please don’t ask me to remove so many images—reduce their quality–or such to speed up my site—-I have done this on purpose. I know it slows it down. You can tell I get that a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

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