Remove tags from the homepage & post pages of new & previously posted material?

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    I’m running the Notepad theme on my blog which suits my purposes, but at the top of everyone of my previous posts is: the author, category, tags and comment. This on both the homepage and the post page. How do I remove all of this as it is making the page look very cluttered and unwelcoming.

    I have the CSS upgrade but I don’t know what code to put in for this specific theme, I’ve looked online and there is a lot of code floating about but none of it seems to work on my blog.

    NOTE: I still want the posts to be searchable through peoples readers via the tags, I just don’t want them displayed on my blog pages

    The blog I need help with is


    Sure, you have a few options. To remove the whole line:

    .postdata { display: none; }

    To remove any individual part instead, you could use these:

    .postcategory { display: none; }
    .postauthor { display: none; }
    .postcomment { display: none; }


    Hi Lettergrade;

    Thanks that worked althought it didn’t remove the tags, but I changed the .postcomment { display: none; } to .posttag { display: none; } and it worked.



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