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remove text title banner

  1. Hi there,

    Here's my blog:

    I have a customer banner/header image which I uploaded through the dashboard but I'm trying to figure out how to remove the text above the banner which essentially repeats the banner (picture/image) information.

    Could someone help me please?



  2. It's hard-coded into the theme; it will always display the blog name above the image. The only solution I know of would be to use the CSS upgrade to remove it. That would be a mistake, in my opinion, because you'll note that the name is clickable while your header image is not. The name itself functions as a "Home" link. If you remove it, you won't have one!

  3. thanks for the tip.

    i have the CSS upgrade but i'm unsure where to make the change... :)

  4. I'm not CSS savvy yet, but I'm sure somebody will be along shortly to help you out on that.

  5. while i've got you here... ;)

    do you know of any places to get some free templates or themes that are easy to install? if that's even possible.

  6. If you're hosted by you cannot use any templates except the ones offered on your Presentations page.

  7. ok.. thanks for replying.

    i'm guess no one knows how to remove the text banner? i even emailed support but they haven't responded. ah well...

  8. Please remmeber that some folks are on at different times. :)

    Should be:

    .masthead {

    That's the div surrounding the text in question.

  9. thanks mike! i really appreciate it.

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