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    I’ve searched for the answer to this but was only able to find the following:

    You currently have only one post and it’s marked as sticky. Sticky posts are usually designed to stand out somehow, such as using a shaded background. You could re-style that with CSS, but I would recommend removing the sticky option if it’s not needed. It should only be used if you want to take a particular post out of the normal order and highlight it at the top of a list. See

    I do have CSS and would be grateful if someone would please tell me how I can remove the shading on the sticky post to a plain white background.


    The blog I need help with is





    Hi, this should do it for you.

    .home .sticky {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;

    For CSS related questions, if you could post in the CSS forum in the future it will typically get you a quicker reply since that is where the volunteers answering CSS questions typically look. I’ve tagged this to have it moved to the CSS forum. Thanks.



    Thank you. I didn’t even know there was a CSS forum.



    That answer doesn’t seem to work, most probably because I don’t understand it.

    I do know a little about html and have used it from time to time in ebay templates and so on, but I don’t know enough to understand any form of shorthand or workarounds and need to have something that I can just cut and paste.

    I don’t understand what .home and .sticky mean.




    Whoop I also should have said I am not sure where that command should go, but presumably at the beginning in the post itself?


    Go to appearance > custom design in your dashboard, click on the “edit” button in the CSS module at the right and paste the code above into the text area there and then you can preview the change to your theme. If it does what you want, then click the “save” button at lower right on the customize page.



    It is really annoying that without my changing anything, the shading has come back again.

    The code that I was given earlier did not work, that is .home .sticky {background-color: #FFFFFF;}.

    Also I do not understand the css when it comes to this kind of thing.

    Question: Is there an easy way to do this as in I really don’t have another three hours to spend to try and work this out AGAIN. I would be grateful if someone would let me know.

    I have just started another blog in Oxygen and I have more than enough on my plate at the moment.

    I might need a happiness engineer again…



    The blog is


    Question: Is there an easy way to do this as in I really don’t have another three hours to spend to try and work this out AGAIN. I would be grateful if someone would let me know.

    Yes, you just have to apply the CSS each time after you change themes. It looks like you might be having trouble because you keep changing themes. Also see



    I have not changed themes except by accident when I’ve been trying to do something else. I have had the same theme since the outset. I’ve just started a new blog and seem to have had nothing but problems setting it up. Or ought I to say that ALL the problems – that is apart from the ones due to dealing with Bill Gates booby traps – have been not receiving the level of support needed, i.e. for a complete idiot.

    However I know for a fact – and surely no one need ask how I know – that I am not the only complete idiot on the planet and in fact we constitute a large proportion of the population of the planet. We are not entirely useless, at least as a slave race. Well at least we too need blogs to be able to talk to each other. Sorry if I sound quite angry, but I am.

    In the serious stress caused by hours trying to get rid of the shading on the Welcome page AGAIN, and swapping around between that blog and the new blog on Oxygen which is proving to be another nightmare, and TRYING to do other important things on the PC at the same time, I got mixed up as to which blog I was in and deleted a text widget from the wrong blog which happened to be the gallery so it has to be recreated to which end I have just spend several hours trying to find the gallery shortcode as I have seen about ten different versions listed, 5555 being the four digit number all in square brackets: gallery 5555, gallery=5555, gallery=”5555″, gallery link=555, gallery attachment=5555, and so on and so forth. Googling has not helped.

    I have had to stay up most of the night really for nothing except WordPress need to provide some basic level help for idiots.


    Sorry you’re having such a hard time!

    I think my latest post had some really clear steps! Here they are again, would you mind trying these one more time and let me know here if you still get stuck?

    Go to

    Enter this in the editor box that appears:

    .home .sticky {
    	background-color: inherit;

    And save changes.




    Please can you stop giving me half an instruction.

    It is too nerve-wracking as several times I have lost the formatting on my blog due to incomplete instructions and getting myself in a state.

    Question 1: Do I take all the spaces out of this code?
    Question 2: Do I put it before the /* or after it?

    Now another problem has developed on the Torcross Chapel blog in that the background is showing white, even though I have changed it to very pale yellow and there is no white palette. I have had this problem before, when the background does not reflect what is in the palette. Last time I had a colour that wasn’t even currently in the palette although it had been in there before, I had removed it but it would not change the background.

    I am trying to get these blogs completed but it is proving to be a completely impossible task due to the problems with inadequate help.

    I need to get rid of the shading on the sticky post, it looks awful, why put it on there in the first place? Can’t people put it on there if they want it?

    Also I can’t work out why the sticky post on the Torcross Chapel website does not stay at the top of the list on the left sidebar. Surely a sticky post should stay at the top as that is the whole point of making a post sticky?

    I’m probably wasting my time here as I have gone through all this about 25 times before, but hopefully this time someone might give me an adequate response.




    Do you mean that saving it doesn’t work? If that’s the case, then we may need to work through some troubleshooting steps which will take some time but that we should do first before anything else.

    Please can you stop giving me half an instruction.

    I am happy to help you learn, and I am giving you good instructions that are not half instructions, and please consider that I couldn’t have known that you didn’t know what a CSS comment was.
    Here is an explanation of a CSS comment:

    /* This is a comment. */

    Anything inside the “/*” and “*/” marks is considered a note and will be ignored by the browser.

    It sounds like you should work through a CSS beginner tutorial as a first step. I really recommend this so you have a good, basic knowledge of how an advanced tool such as the CSS editor works.

    Please consider reading these basic HTML and CSS tutorials which will help you tremendously if you would like to use the CSS editor here at

    In my previous instructions, I gave you some sample code and asked you to enter it into the edit area in the Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel. Those instructions are correct. It doesn’t matter if you delete the comment or leave it in and put the sample code at the beginning or end of it. Don’t put the code inside the “/*” and “*/” marks though, or it will be ignored. Can you try the same steps again now that you are aware of how CSS comments work?

    Regarding the other questions you posted, let’s go through each of them one at a time to keep things simple and streamlined. Also one may depend on the other, so it makes sense to troubleshoot first if there’s a problem that you’re seeing that I am not. Please answer my question above about saving and also try the original steps again and then post back here with your results for just those two things.



    I’ve worked out the background on Oxygen, that it’s a separate setting entirely. Yet I changed it from the right hand side customise menu. I didn’t go in the left hand one and it changed from the right hand menu. Then I couldn’t change it back from the right hand menu. It wasn’t until I went to the left hand side menu background setting that I was able to change it.

    I’ve had enough for one day. WordPress help is woefully inadequate in some respects. I still can’t work out the primary, secondary and tertiary menu.

    I’ve taken off the sticky as it was driving me completely up the wall and looked completely wrong.

    Hopefully I will be able to deal with this tomorrow.



    WordPress help is woefully inadequate in some respects. I still can’t work out the primary, secondary and tertiary menu.

    I disagree with you about support being inadequate. I asked you three times in different threads to state the URL of the Oxygen themed blog and you failed to respond. See here


    Hopefully I will be able to deal with this tomorrow.

    We’ll be here. :)

    Let’s take everything one step at a time though! It’s hard to help you when you ask so many questions at once and then also change things at the same time.



    Hi designsimply, Thank you for your comments, but I’d be grateful if you would remove the thread that you commented on and then closed, after having completely grasped the wrong end of the stick and misread what I said, as I did not get a chance to respond to put the record straight. I found that quite upsetting considering all the other stress I am being put through trying to get answers to two simple questions. I wonder if you would like someone to do that to you? I would be grateful if you would remove that thread in its entirety.

    I have not changed anything. I have not asked many questions at once. I have not tried to keep my blog secret. I have not tried to get a re-design on the cheap. In fact I have not done any of the many things that I have been accused of by whoever.

    All I have done, quite simply is post over and over and over and over again – over a period of some time – in an attempt to get two simple answers to two simple questions.

    I have not done this because I have nothing better to do, or to annoy anyone. I simply need to get the answer to two simple questions which I must have asked about 30 times on the forums here and also in futile attempts to get the answers privately.

    I have received quite a few insults and quite a bit of rudeness and what borders on libellous – and certainly defamatory – accusations thrown at me, but not actually received a complete answer to my two simple questions that has enabled me to resolve the problems.

    BTW I have not changed the template from the outset on this blog – although anyway I did think we were supposed to be able to do that? Anyone?

    I’ll forget about the menus on the Oxygen theme, and just see if it humanly possible to get the answer that I have asked for over and over again. Or is someone else going to come along and criticise, put down and falsely accuse me and so on and so forth, rather than give me an answer?

    I’ll be very patient and say it again:

    I do not know CSS and I have no time or need to learn it, and I would simply like to remove the shaded background from my welcome post which I never put there and which spoils the front page.

    No putdowns, criticisms, false accusations, or any such similar things are requested or required, I just ask for a simple answer to a simple question.

    I have been given some code but it has various spaces in it, and I have tried various combinations of taking the spaces out and where to put the code, none of which have worked on a permanent basis.

    I have also heard that people fix it, but it comes back again as it has been overrriden by something else and so it needs to have ‘important’ tagged on the end of it?

    For the time being, I have take the sticky designation off the post and await a resolution of this problem, hopefully before 2014.


    I’m sorry you feel that way about the other thread. I understand you are frustrated. Please don’t worry any more about the other thread! It would be better to focus on your main questions.

    Let’s start over.

    In your last reply above, I see this is the main question:

    I do not know CSS and I have no time or need to learn it, and I would simply like to remove the shaded background from my welcome post which I never put there and which spoils the front page.

    You do not need to know CSS, but you do need to enter the CSS into your blog. I have made new step-by-step instructions for you which will hopefully be easier:

    1. Go to

    2. Delete the default comment from the CSS edit area—meaning, delete everything from “/*” to “*/” so the editor is completely empty. Anything between “/*” and “*/” codes are a CSS comment and not needed.

    3. Now that the CSS edit area is empty, add the following code:

    .home .sticky {
    	background-color: inherit;

    4. Click the “Save” button at the bottom right.

    If the code does not save for some reason, then you are running into an issue that needs troubleshooting and it would explain a lot! If you see ANY problems on step 4, let me know right away.

    Note that I tested the above steps a few times on my own blog to make sure they work! I really want to help you and make sure the steps are good, so give them a try!



    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Not surprisingly, your instructions do NOT work. I have specifically asked whether I should take out some or all of the spaces and whether to take out the */ or /* characters, but that question has never been answered.

    Perhaps it would be more helpful if you would give your step by step directions for testing to someone who doesn’t know CSS like me, rather than someone who does know.

    Anyway i tried both ways and as usual, neither worked.

    This is what is in the CSS box:

    1.home.sticky {
    2 background-color: inherit;

    As to the ‘other’ thread, I would be grateful if you did actually remove that thread from the internet where anyone can see it as I wouldn’t want people to think that the things you said were so, when they aren’t. I think I have suffered more than enough over all this debacle.

    This is sucking up my energy and making me ill. Please can we resolve this asap?


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