Remove the grey triangle warning in firefox

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    Hi I am getting this grey triangle warning for firefox for my blog

    is there anything that I could do to fix it ??

    The blog I need help with is



    Firefox displays a grey triangle when a secure web page (one using https) contains unencrypted content.

    Firefox Grey Triangle Warning

    Did you have embedded content such as images or something similar from another website that is not using https?

    Either way, when I go to your site using https with Firefox, I’m not getting the warning. In fact I’m getting the proper padlock symbol stating that the site is verified and secure.


    I have not used any images other than one I have uploaded to

    I think you are not using the latest version of firefox how about you update your firefox and try it once again

    I have uploaded the screen shot here



    I’m using Firefox 37.0.1, which is the latest.

    Here’s what I see:


    I think we need to blame firefox for it we both are using the latest versions but on different platforms I am no linux :)

    here is the screen shot of what I see



    brianmhall’s explanation of why that triangle might show up is exactly right. I’m not seeing the icon when I visit your site, but ads or links to outside sites like Facebook or Twitter could also cause the issue.

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