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    Is it possible to remove the original administrator of a blog on WordPress? I am a business owner, and an employee created our blog. Now she no longer works with us, and I’d like to make myself the blog owner and remove her as an administrator. Is that possible?

    I followed this suggestion: “Do you have admin access? If so, create a new user with admin level access and login as that admin. You can then delete the other admin – when you do that you will be asked if you want to transfer their posts, which you can then transfer to the new admin. If her email address is under Settings > General you will also want to change that.”

    And this is my result: I tried this. It still won’t let me delete her. It says “You don’t have permission to remove this user.” It has an option to delete my personal username, and that of the other business owner, but it doesn’t offer me that option on the former employee’s username. When I select her user and try to “remove,” it gives me the message above. I also can’t change her role. It won’t let me edit her as a user at all. We are all currently set as administrator, but since she created it, and invited the two of us business owners to be administrators, it seems to think she is the blog owner and won’t let us change it. Is the removal of her as a user something she would have to do?

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    When it comes to removing the original Administrator of an account we have to contact Staff

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